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As you are working through the website I thought you might want to know a bit about Wallaby Track Canvas.

Wallaby Track Canvas began operation in 2001 and has been involved in the recreational camping industry for almost 20 years.
We have worked with leading 4x4 magazines and adventure shows building and testing recreational canvas products and have developed some of the new products leading innovation within the industry today.

In addition to this we have conducted testing in the Australian outback specifically relating to our canvas ute canopy products to understand shrinkage, dust ingress, waterproofing and  required frame strength and design.

My family and I have also  travelled Australia extensively over 25 years and have working knowledge of the harsh Australian outback and it's rugged beauty. (See On the Wallaby Track Page).

Lastly and probably most importantly your job will be completed by me, who as well as beeing involved in all of the above, has made all of the jobs you see on the website and many, many more.

Chris Cant
Wallaby Track Canvas

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