Will the kit product be as good as if I bought my ute into the workshop and the frame and canopy was made on site.

Every kit that we have developed was originally made as a frame and canopy on site with the ute in front of us. This was done not once but many times over, over many years, to ensure every detail is correct. As a result the kit you will receive will be made exactly the same as if we had your ute in front of us.

Every time a new model is released we source the vehicle, manufacture the product and test it until we are happy that meets the required standard. Only then will the product be released to market. If we are not happy that is doesn’t meet this standard we won’t offer it.

Will I be able to assemble and fit the kit to achieve the same result as the pictures shown on the website?

Each canopy kit has detailed step by step instructions on how to fit the kit. The photos shown on our website were sent in by customers who fitted the kit themselves. Most of these customers have no trade knowledge whatsoever. We have deliberately done this to show that, using the instructions provided, you can fit the kit with a professional outcome even if you don’t have trade experience. Only basic tools are required to assemble and fit the kit. 

Tray Kit : A cordless drill, 4mm and 10mm drill bit, 17mm and adjustable spanner,  Allen Key set, pop rivet gun, tape measure, marker

Tub Kit: A cordless drill, 10mm drill bit, 17mm spanner. Allen key set

Not that we think you’ll need it you can also contact us by phone on 0421 819 037 8am-4.30pm Monday to Friday or via email from our contact us page if have any queries assembling or fitting the kit.

How long will it take from when I order, for my kit to be dispatched

All our canopy kits are made to order due to the different options that are available. The lead time is generally 2-3 weeks.

How long from dispatch until I receive the kit

All kits are dispatched from Sydney. If you are in NSW, ACT, Melbourne or Brisbane metro generally 1-2 business days. For other locations 3-7 days business depending on the distance from Sydney

What is the heavy duty tub kit frame made from?

The frame is made from galvanised steel. There is an option to have the frame black powder coated at additional cost if required.

Can you fit the kit at your workshop?

We no longer fit the kits in our workshop due to government regulations relating to COVID-19. However we can send the kit out anywhere in Australia. Each kit comes with simple to follow instructions or a you tube video. Only simple tools and no trade know how is required.

See our testimonials page for feedback from customers who have fitted the kit themselves. The photos on this page are from the customer once they have fitted the kit. Many of these customers don’t have a tradesman background.

How do I order the kit

Please use our on line shopping cart to place your order. If you are not sure of anything contact us via our contact us page.

Do you have standard canvas colours?

Tray Kits- Black, Grey & Dark (Army) Green
Tub Kits – Black, Grey

Are there optional extras available?

Tray Kits – Insect Screens, Clear Panels, Pressure Vents and Ladder Racks
Tub Kits –  Insect Screens, Clear Panels and Ladder Racks

What warranty do you offer?

All kits are covered by 12 months warranty on materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage or misuse. All warranty claims are subject to assessment. The canopy kit will need to be returned to us for warranty work to be assessed/completed. See our warranty and terms and conditions.

How easy is the canopy kit to fit?

It is very easy to fit the kits. No expert tradesman knowledge or tools are required

Tray Kits
A Youtube instruction video is provided to fit the kit. The tools required are a cordless drill, marker and tape measure – for some kits are pop rivet gun is also required.
Fitting time – allow 2 hours

Tub Kits
Step by Step illustrated instructions are provided to fit the kit. The tools requires are a cordless drill, Allen key set and a 17mm spanner.
Fitting time – allow 1 hour

Do the kits required assembly prior to fitting?

Yes. The kits arrive in a box and will require assembly. This is a simple process and will not take a great deal of work
Tray Kits – approx 10 mins assembly time
Tub Kits – approx 40 mins assembly time

If I get the ladder rack option will the canopy leak once the ladder racks are fitted?

No. Our design ensure the canopy will be watertight when the ladder racks are fitted regardless of whether it is a tub or tray kit.

I have a ute or tray not shown on your website could you custom make a kit for it?

We don’t make custom canvas frames and canopies. However if your ute is a popular make please contact us to check whether we have a kit in development

I have made my own frame/cage. Could you make a canvas canopy to suit?

Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to assist. We don’t make custom canvas canopies.