Wallaby Track has developed a new design of heavy duty half height frame and canvas canopy for your tub back ute.
This frame and canopy design allows a roof top tent or flat rack to be fitted directly on top of the canopy.
The frame can hold 110kg travelling and 280kg stationary.
Ladder Racks can also be fitted if required
The canvas attaches to the frame so there is no need to fit the buttons to the tub.
These kits are available for nearly all current model utes including Hilux, Ranger, BT-50, D- Max, Amarok, Colorado and Navara.
The canvas canopy kits are waterproof, easy to remove and refit.
Give Wallaby Track a call about a quote on one of these great looking canopies today!

Fitting Requirements
The frame for the kit is stand alone. No existing bar work is required (any existing bar work will need to be removed to fit the kit).
The frame sits on top of the tub. Any tonneau clip track will need to be removed to fit the kit.
The frame attaches to the inside lip of the tub using a securing bracket. The kit can be fitted to the ute with an under lip tub liner. Over lip tub liners will need to be cut to fit the securing bracket bolt.

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